Schedule a meeting in your calendar and then simply click the relevant meeting set out in the Meeting schedule displayed on screen. Simple one Button access, no complex codes or addional numbers to dial.

Cost effective 95%
Intuitive operation 90%
Simpler and faster meetings 95%
Wireless sharing of laptop screen 100%


Meet takes the headaches out of joining a video call at work. Just set up a meeting and share a link. No worrying about whether teammates, clients, or customers have the right accounts or plug-ins. With a fast, lightweight interface and smart participant management, 30-person video calls are a breeze.



  • Intuitive set-up and running of remote video meetings.

  • Cost effective enterprise-grade video collaboration capability.

  • Updated with latest features and security fixes with 24/7 support included.

  • Simpler and faster meetings.

    • Access meetings instantly from on screen schedule.
    • On screen display sets out schedule for room.
    • This gives you a list of upcoming meetings and also allows you to launch an ad-hoc Hangout there and then if you want to by starting a new, named Hangout.
    • Using room Calendar you can schedule a new meeting and select the people you want to invite. The meeting will be setup as Google Apps Calendar appointment and can be for up to 25 people.
    • Select the ‘Add video’ option this will be added to the invite and create a named Google+ Hangout. This meeting will then be added to the meeting list so it can be launched easily when the time for starting it comes around.
  • To join a meeting access calendar listing and click on link.

    • No need for password, pre-supplied phone number, code or PIN as with other video conferencing systems.
  • Wireless sharing of laptop screen without external cords or adaptors.

  • Meet allows for up to 25 participants in a video meeting.

  • Web-based management console.

    • ChromeOS management console allows meetings to be held privately and enables you to remove participants, if necessary.
    • Enables meeting rooms to be added directly to the device as well as managing multiple devices and monitoring overall usage.

Why Hangouts


Why should you use Hangouts Meet?

Project Structure


Pre Project Procedure and Project Handover.

Connect with your team from anywhere. With easy-to-join video calls, you can meet face to face without the added cost of travel.


Hangouts Meet is a cost-effective video collaboration system that has been developed for users looking to expand the availability of video communication within their organisations.

Hangouts Meet is not intended to provide the same complex features as traditional video conferencing vendors. The design ethos for Meet is based on removing the need for specialist room installations that limit the availability and staff engagement with video communication, along with the increased cost associated with high end systems.

However the system is capable enough to support a scalable room design from simple Huddle (2 to 4 people) to more complex Meeting room (6+ people) and Conference room (10+ people) designs offering improved Audio, Video and control options.

Basic system requirements – Huddle Room:

  • Meeting space with room to install display monitor, table and chairs.

  • Reasonable Internet bandwidth – 1Mbps outbound / 2Mbps inbound for standard definition video, or 2.6Mbps outbound / 4Mbps inbound for HD video (these support up to 10 inbound video sessions).

    • Please see Meet best practice documentation.

Advanced system requirements – Meeting & Conference room

  • Audio Reinforcement (microphones & speakers).

  • Option of Higher specification cameras.

    • Increase field of view.
    • Improved picture quality.
  • Centralised room control.

    • Simpler interface and control of AV systems.
  • Tailored AV solution.

    • Larger displays.
    • Touch screens.
    • Projection systems.